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Public Campaign Applauds Reintroduction of Government By the People Act

21 Jan Public Campaign Applauds Reintroduction of Government By the People Act

Bill Would Raise the Voices of Everyday Americans and Encourage Political Participation

Washington, D.C.–On the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision, Public Campaign applauds the re-introduction of the Government By the People Act (HR 20), Congressman John Sarbanes’ (D-Md.) bill to give everyday Americans a bigger voice in the political process.

“We applaud Congressman Sarbanes for his leadership in fighting for a democracy that works for everyone,” said Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Public Campaign. “The Government By the People Act would give everyday people a more powerful say in politics and on this fifth anniversary of Citizens United, with big money exploding, there’s no better time than now for passage of this important bill.”

The Government By the People Act would allow candidates for Congress to run competitive campaigns for office by relying on small donations from people back home. It would make elected officials accountable to their constituents, instead of big money donors.
Here’s how it would work:

  • To encourage participation, people could receive a $25 My Voice tax credit for their small donation.
  • Participating candidates can super size their small donations through the Freedom from Influence Fund. Donations of $1 to $150 would be matched on a six-to-one basis.
  • Candidates who raise additional small donations during the last sixty days of the election can receive additional funds to ensure they have the resources to compete against  outside attacks.

The bill will be re-introduced with over 135 original House cosponsors, an increase from its first introduction last January. Dozens of major civil rights, labor, environmental, good government, and public interest groups have previously endorsed the bill. Learn more about it at http://ofby.us.

It is being re-introduced today along with a slate of other bills to strengthen our democracy, including a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and increased disclosure of political spending.


Public Campaign is a national nonpartisan organization that fights to raise the voices of everyday people in our democracy through changing our campaign finance laws and through holding elected officials accountable.

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