Every Voice Center | July 14, 2015 Clips – Iran deal’s impact on Sheldon Adelson primary?, Clinton to release bundlers, and more
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July 14, 2015 Clips – Iran deal’s impact on Sheldon Adelson primary?, Clinton to release bundlers, and more

14 Jul July 14, 2015 Clips – Iran deal’s impact on Sheldon Adelson primary?, Clinton to release bundlers, and more

What will today’s Iran announcement mean for candidates competing in the Sheldon Adelson primary? A flashback to Paul Blumenthal’s March piece: “Republicans And Iran Deal Opponents Are Funded By The Same Mega-Donors.”

Campaign Finance/Elections

Congrats to our friends at Honest Elections Seattle, their initiative to raise the voices of everyday people in politics was approved by the City Council last night and will appear on the November ballot.

Philly Inquirer: Money talks in politics
Editorial encouraging regulatory action on dark money spending: “The unseemly practice would stop if the government agencies given the power to do something about the expected flood of dark money would only act.”

The American Prospect: How Obama Could Crack Down on Dark Money Without Congress
Nice piece on the pressure President Obama is facing to sign an executive order on contractor disclosure. Common Cause’s Steve Spaulding: “The American people get it. The courts get it—disclosure was upheld 8-1 in Citizens United. If money is speech, don’t the American people have a right to know who’s speaking? Disclosure has been emphatically constitutional.”

Washington Post: Shedding light on dark money
And Katrina vanden Heuvel has this piece encouraging Obama to sign the order: “For the country, requiring federal contractors to disclose their dark-money contributions would be an important step toward fixing our broken campaign finance system. For the president, however, it’s also an opportunity to bolster his legacy on an issue that has loomed over his presidency from the start.”

New York Times: Sides Dispute Basis of North Carolina Voting Laws as Trial Contesting Them Opens
“A trial over North Carolina’s voting laws opened in a federal courtroom here on Monday, with civil rights groups and the Justice Department arguing that the state had turned back the clock with sweeping changes to its election laws, while the state said the revisions applied equally to all and left its voting rules well within the national mainstream.” Outside the court, “Over 1,000 protesters marched on downtown Winston-Salem” in support of voting rights. And Common Cause tweeted out some great pics.

In his presidential announcement speech yesterday, Scott Walker bragged about his efforts to make it harder to vote in Wisconsin.


With fundraising reports due to the FEC this week, it’s a good time to share this email with your friends, family, and frenemies.

New York Times: Hillary Clinton to Release the Names of Her Fund-Raisers
Hillary Clinton will release the names of bundlers raising money for her campaign. Good. There’s no good reason to keep them secret. Other candidates should follow suit and they should all be asked whether they plan to do so.

Oh no a campaign finance editorial cartoon featuring the Minions.

New York Times: How Much Money Presidential Candidates Have Raised So Far
Find a helpful chart of how much money candidates have announced raising so far.
NBC News.

The Onion, in its candidate profile of Scott Walker: “Greatest Strength: Possesses image and political credentials necessary to appeal to both Koch brothers.” And David Horsey has this cartoon for the LA Times.

Mother Jones: Rick Perry Is on the Payroll of His Super-PAC’s Biggest Sugar Daddy
“The largest donor to this outside spending effort is the billionaire owner of a Texas pipeline company that also happens to write Rick Perry’s paycheck.”

Politico: New nonprofit to give cover to Senate Republicans
Sen. John Cornyn and his allies are launching a new group to provide air cover for members: “The pro-Republican groups are also another fundraising outlet for donors looking to affect legislative debates. Since they are often nonprofits, the groups don’t have to disclose who is writing big checks to them.”

I’ve started a Twitter list of folks who’ll be looking through FEC fundraising reports tomorrow. Should you be on it?

NJ Advance: For just $2,700, Christie will take a photo with you at 2016 N.J. fundraiser
August 4th at the Asbury Convention Center: “Tickets start at $250, but for $2,700 ‘founding members’ ($5,400 per couple) are granted a photo op with [Gov. Christie].”

Also from The Onion: “Hillary Clinton Suspended 3 Weeks By FEC For Spitting On Volunteer”

CNN: Jeb Bush: Not slowing down on raking in the cash
Jeb Bush’s campaign “is scheduled to hold 23 fundraisers between Tuesday and mid-September to raise money for his presidential bid, according to a schedule of fundraisers obtained by CNN

Washington Post: Apollo, Endeavour, Voyager: With new donor program, Jeb Bush aims for the moon
We get our first look at Pluto today, but the Bush campaign has other astronomical figures in mind: “In a nod to his home state of Florida, Bush’s donor program is called Mission 2016 JEB — a NASA-inspired title for a program that will have three distinct tiers for top bundlers to aspire to as the campaign progresses,” including Apollo, Endeavour, and Voyager.

Lobbyist Charlie Black has this sort of hilarious quote on his guy Jeb Bush whose super PAC raised at least 500 donations of $25,000 or more: “I think these others that have big super PAC donors are honest, sincere people, but it’s a better perception for Jeb that he doesn’t have one big sugar daddy.” Better to have lots of mid-sized sugar daddies?

Buzzfeed: Kasich Group Bought Website From Lefty Blogger Who’s Using The Money To Pay His Writers
“The political fundraising group supporting Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s bid for president bought the website at the center of its new advertising campaign from a prominent anti-Kasich blogger for several thousand dollars, a BuzzFeed News review of domain records has found.”

There are at least 26 fundraisers at Taylor Swift’s DC concerts this week.

Wall Street Journal: Pro-Normalization PAC Raising Funds to Back Obama’s Cuba Initiative
“A political action committee launched in May to support normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba raised more than $178,000 in the past two months, a sign of public support for closer ties between the two countries, the group’s director said.”

Center for Responsive Politics: John Oliver 1, Big Chicken 0?
With John Oliver taking on the poultry industry, CRP looks at their political giving.

Sunlight: Conservative PACs raise millions, spend little on politics
“Several staffers once affiliated with conservative activist and candidate Alan Keyes have found a lucrative new job: operating an array of political action committees, super PACs and dark money groups that have raised millions of dollars from small donors — little of which ever made its way to campaign committees or independent expenditures.”

Politico: David Jolly moves toward Senate run
Giving hope to lobbyists everywhere that there’s life after K Street: “Rep. David Jolly of St. Petersburg is poised to announce his plans to run for U.S. Senate next week, following a Florida Supreme Court ruling that could add a substantial swath of Democratic voters to his congressional district.”

Washington Post: Why this congressman has almost $20,000 in landscaping gifts on his finance reports
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney got married last year and on his just-filed financial disclosure form, you get to see all the nice wedding gifts he and his husband received.


Bloomberg: In Los Angeles, Voting Is Getting the Silicon Valley Treatment
Neat: “Now, Los Angeles County, the largest voting jurisdiction in the U.S., has hired IDEO, a design company with roots in Silicon Valley, to overhaul how it serves up democracy. IDEO has developed a touchscreen system that incorporates features familiar to voters used to scrolling and tapping.”

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