Every Voice Center | July 10, 2015 News Clips – Jeb Bush’s $100M fundraising haul and zombies.
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July 10, 2015 News Clips – Jeb Bush’s $100M fundraising haul and zombies.

10 Jul July 10, 2015 News Clips – Jeb Bush’s $100M fundraising haul and zombies.

Jeb Bush’s campaign committee will report raising less money than Bernie Sanders in the qaurter ($11.4 million), but the super PAC he spent six months raising money for brought in a whopping $103 million.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • New York Times: “While Mr. Bush has dominated in donations among the ranks of traditional Republican fund-raisers and bundlers, the central role being assumed by super PACs has upended financial assumptions that have long dictated the strategy and duration of the campaign for the party’s  nomination.”
  • Also in the Times story, Every Voice’s David Donnelly says, “That Bush attended dozens of fund-raisers to help raise that cash while claiming he wasn’t running for president is the political lie of the year so far, and it’s probably illegal.” Our full statement. Public Citizen.
  • Politico: “In this new reality, there’s less incentive for prospective commanders in chief to invest time and money in building an army of small- and medium sized donors for their campaigns, and more incentive to cultivate a handful of billionaire backers to pour cash into supportive big-money vehicles like super PACs.” What could go wrong?
  • The Washingtaton Post, with this context: “The combined total raised by his campaign and super PAC is more than double the $50.1 million that his brother, then-President George W. Bush, collected in the fall of 2003. That is the largest amount that a White House candidate has raised in a quarter during a year before an election, according to the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute.”
  • CNN: “Jeb Bush and his allied super PAC raised $114 million to support his campaign, a massive fundraising haul made possible in part by rewriting the rules of how presidential campaigns raise money.”
  • Huffington Post: “Based on earlier media reports, the largest donors to the super PAC are expected to include Kohlberg Kravis Roberts’ Henry Kravis and Alex Navab; New York Jets owner Woody Johnson; Chicago investors Muneer Satter, John Canning and Craig Duchossois; natural gas tycoon T. Boone Pickens; oilman Trevor Rees-Jones; cellular technology billionaire Craig McCaw; Florida investor Miguel Fernandez; beer distributor John Nau; and Washington lobbyists Dirk Van Doggen, Richard Hohlt and David Beightol.”
  • How’s he going to spend all that money? Time: “Now the group can reserve TV ad time, invest in a digital operation, explore mail—with its six-week lead time—and potentially run a phone banking operation. It’s a flexibility that has never-before-existed in a presidential campaign.”
  • The super PAC broke down “small donors” as those giving $25,000 or less. As the Washington Post notes, “The federal poverty level in 2015 is $24,250 for a family of four.” (Interestingly, the campaign itself did not release any details on its small donors.)
  • A donor to Bush’s campaign says of the candidate whose father and brother were presidents, “People are looking at him as a guy who did it on his own, and who stands on his own.”
  • Jeb’s friend and super PAC maestro bragged about releasing information that he’s required by law to release. Not breaking the law is our bar now?
  • And, as these numbers were being announced, Jeb was holding court at the Bush family compound, a “confab for some of the GOP’s wealthiest donors.”

Bush recently said he plans to tackle the “culture of special interest access” in Washington. Now would be a really good time for him to explain just how he’ll do that.

Campaign Finance/Elections

The Intercept: “You’re not meeting the candidates now, they’re all going out to meet Sheldon Adelson”
Great interview with Rep. John Sarbanes about our broken campaign finance system and his bill to address it, the Government by the People Act.

Daily Camera: The zombies of our political system
Rep. Jared Polis on zombies and campaign finance: “And an election system designed to serve the collective good cannot succeed if entities that are, by definition, committed only to their own profits are allowed to not just participate in it but, because of their intrinsic advantages like immortality and single-minded pursuit of their own profits, dominate it. We’ve not simply invited the zombies to join us at the dinner table; we’re allowing the zombies to set the entire menu.”

NHPR: Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Money in Politics
This is good: New Hampshire Public Radio looks at the various positions of 2016 candidates on money in politics.

Former President Jimmy Carter on The Stephanie Miller Show: “The basic structure of our moral values of the framework of our democracy has gone down the drain in the last twenty years or so and it’s now become pretty much a plutocracy where money determines who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees.”


Washington Post: GOP candidates must turn in financial disclosure on time to get into first debate
“The large field of Republican presidential hopefuls jockeying to make the cut for the first 2016 debate will have to file a public disclosure of their personal finances on time to participate.”

Washington Post: Trump vows long campaign, won’t commit to backing GOP nominee
The best part about this story on Donald Trump is this quote about filing that financial form before the debate: “It’s extremely large, but I think we’ll file it ahead of schedule.” What a pick-up line!

OpenSecrets: Bush, Clinton and Rubio lead K Street fundraising race in early reports
Lobbyists are filing their contribution reports with the Senate and “So far, contributions to Bush and his super PAC, Right to Rise, from lobbyists in the Senate’s database total $29,100, Clinton’s come to $20,052, and Rubio has tallied $16,500.”

Billboard: Justin Bieber’s Manager to Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser
“Hillary Clinton is returning to Los Angeles for a day of fundraising on August 6, with one event in the works at the home of music talent manager Scooter Braun, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.”

On a tele-town hall with supporters yesterday, Bobby Jindal said he’d ban former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists (joining both Ted Cruz and George Pataki).

CBS: Jim Webb clarifies position on the Confederate flag
Jim Webb, on CBS This Morning yesterday explained “why his bid isn’t supported by any super PACs that can solicit unlimited donations.”

Sunlight: Carly Fiorina biggest political contributor among 2016 hopefuls
Peter Olsen-Phillips looks at the campaign giving of 2016 presidential candidates and Carly Fiorina comes out on top, “she has doled out a little over $183,000.”

Politico: The Daily Cruz
Breitbart.com loves Ted Cruz and it is “is funded in part by New York hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, whose family is bankrolling a pro-Cruz super PAC as well as a political data company called Cambridge Analytica that is working with Cruz’s presidential campaign.”

Salt Lake Tribune: Hillary Clinton to make first Utah trip of 2016 race
“Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, will make her first visit to Utah during her 2016 campaign next month, holding a fundraiser at a posh Park City home.”

NJ Advance: N.J.’s richest resident to co-host Bush fundraiser on Christie’s turf
“New Jersey’s richest resident — a man who once worked with Gov. Chris Christie on state education reforms — is among the co-hosts of a Garden State fundraiser for one of the governor’s presidential rivals, according to reports.”

Elizabeth Warren: Senators ask U.S. Chamber of Commerce board member companies about the Chamber’s Big Tobacco lobbying efforts
Boom: A handful of Senate Democrats “sent letters to the CEOs of all 108 member companies of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors asking about their positions on the efforts of the U.S. Chamber and its international affiliates to fight against international anti-smoking laws, regulations, and policies.” Interestingly, the House put some tobacco industry language in an agriculture appropriations bill.

Washington Post: Coal industry has new litmus test for Republican governors
A good rundown here of coal and oil industry influence with governors and in the presidential race.

Palm Beach New Times: Florida’s Lieutenant Governor violating election law group says
Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera will announce he’s running for Senate soon but the American Democracy Legal Fund “says that Lopez-Cantera is already effectively a candidate for Senate — that he is just stalling on an official declaration because he is trying to raise as much money as possible before an announcement, when stricter campaign finance rules would apply.”

Bloomberg: Obama to Push U.S. Sentencing Change Backed by Koch Billionaires
“Some Republicans and police organizations criticized the moves as too lenient, but now a bipartisan coalition that includes Obama’s chief political antagonists, billionaires Charles and David Koch, have joined him to support relaxing federal sentencing guidelines.”

Politico: Eric Cantor’s PAC spent $25,000 on lawyers in early 2015
“Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s political action committee spent more than $25,000 on lawyers in the first six months of 2015, according to campaign filings made public Thursday.”

Washington Post: Van Hollen out-raises Edwards by nearly 3-to-1 in U.S. Senate race
“Rep. Chris Van Hollen maintained a nearly 3-to-1 fundraising advantage against Rep. Donna F. Edwards, his Democratic primary rival in the Maryland race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D), according to second-quarter numbers provided by the two campaigns.”


Sunlight: Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidates spent $1.1 million on ads in two weeks
In the Pennsylvania Supreme Court elections, “candidates bought over $1.1 million worth of television advertisements in just the two weeks leading up to the primary.”

NY Daily News: Hedge fund moguls who played role in Puerto Rico’s money woes will be greeted by protesters at swanky fundraiser for Gov. Cuomo
And they’ll face some protesters: “While Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million residents continue to face a frightening government default on its debt, a group of New York hedge fund executives will be partying this weekend at a $5,000-a-head East Hampton fundraiser for Gov. Cuomo.”

Washington Post: Big campaign donations to McAuliffe’s PAC trail where predecessor stood
“Terry McAuliffe has drawn less money from large-dollar donors — by about 40 percent — at this point in his governorship than former governor Robert McDonnell did by this time in 2011.”

KJZZ: Tempe City Council To Consider Proposal For Public Campaign Finance System
“The Tempe City Council next month is likely to consider a proposal to implement a public campaign finance system for the city.”

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