Every Voice Center | Every Voice Center’s Board of Directors Elects Cathy Duvall to Replace 10-Year Board Chair Joan Mandle
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Every Voice Center’s Board of Directors Elects Cathy Duvall to Replace 10-Year Board Chair Joan Mandle

03 Aug Every Voice Center’s Board of Directors Elects Cathy Duvall to Replace 10-Year Board Chair Joan Mandle

Washington, D.C. — Every Voice Center’s Board of Directors elected Cathy Duvall to the position of board chair following Joan Mandle’s decision to step down from the role after 10 years of service. 

“I’m excited to help steer Every Voice Center’s work at this crucial moment when the public is increasingly agitated and angry over big money in politics”, said new Every Voice Center Board Chair Cathy Duvall.  “To begin to solve the myriad issues facing our country, we must tackle the influence of money in our political process so that all Americans, not just the wealthy, have a say in the solutions.”

“Our Board of Directors was fortunate to have such strong leadership under Joan Mandle, whose commitment to creating a strong, mission-focused board has paid off again and again, and we look forward to building on her successes as we welcome Cathy Duvall to the role,” said Every Voice President and CEO Nick Nyhart. “With years of experience organizing on environmental issues and working to strengthen our democracy, our board is in capable hands with Cathy, an experienced coalition organizer and expert strategist. Every Voice Center and anyone concerned about giving everyday people a voice in our democracy are lucky to have Cathy fighting for the cause.” 

“I am so honored to have served as Chair of the Every Voice Center Board over the last 10 years.  It has been gratifying to help shape the organization as it has become the strategic leader in the fight to end the domination of politics by a small group of wealthy funders. Every Voice Center continues to advance the national understanding of the urgent need to demand small-donor matching funds to amplify the voices of everyday people in our elections,” said out-going Every Voice Board Chair Joan Mandle. “In passing the baton to Cathy Duvall, I am fully confident that the organization will be in capable hands. I can’t think of a better person to help lead Every Voice Center as we join with and help to shape and strengthen the growing support and enthusiasm for a real democracy of, by, and for the people.” 

Mandle will remain on Every Voice Center’s Board as a board member. During Mandle’s tenure as board chair, Every Voice Center has helped pass and defend small-donor driven systems of campaign finance at the state and local level and has been a leader in the national fight for federal small-donor matching system. 

After serving as a member of Every Voice Center’s Board of Directors, Duvall steps into the position of board chair with a wealth of experience as an organizer and leader on democracy issues and the environment. 

Duvall is the former Director of Strategic Partnerships and National Political Director at Sierra Club where she served for 10 years; former National Campaign Director at America Votes; former National Field Director at Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) where she oversaw outreach, recruitment, and field activities related to over 75 congressional campaigns; and former activist with The Public Interest Network (PIRG) where she gained 10 years of experience directed environmental, consumer, and pro-democracy campaigns in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.


Every Voice Center is a national nonpartisan organization that fights to raise the voices of everyday people in our democracy through changing our campaign finance laws and through holding elected officials accountable.

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