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About Us


We are fighting for a democracy that ensures your political influence isn’t determined by the size of your wallet. We highlight the way money buys policy in Washington, D.C., and state capitals. We hold politicians accountable for doing the bidding of their campaign donors at the expense of everyday people. And with our broad, diverse group of allies, we mobilize millions of Americans to show that change is possible and we can create a government that’s truly of, by, and for the people.

Meet the Team

Annual Reports and Financials

Organizations such as ours are required to make their IRS 990 tax filings available to individuals upon request. We have also taken the proactive and transparent step to post them here so that they are readily available for anyone who is interested.

Annual Reports:

2016: 2016 Annual Report
2013: 2013 Annual Report
2012: 2012 Annual Report


2017: 2017 990
2016: 2016 990
2015: 2015 990
2014: 2014 990
2013: 2013 990
2012: 2012 990
2011: 2011 990


2013: Audited Financial Statement
2014: Audited Financial Statement
2015: Audited Financial Statement
2016: Audited Financial Statement
2017: Audited Financial Statement

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