Every Voice Center | 7/6/15 Daily Clips – State Department lobbying, Sanders’ $15M haul, and more
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7/6/15 Daily Clips – State Department lobbying, Sanders’ $15M haul, and more

06 Jul 7/6/15 Daily Clips – State Department lobbying, Sanders’ $15M haul, and more

As the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) lobbied the State Department on piracy and online content distribution, among other things, the Hollywood trade association paid to renovate screening rooms in at least four U.S. Embassies, according to this new report from ProPublica’s Robert Faturechi.

And, because America, “The 26 Most Badass Photos From The Women’s World Cup Final.”

Campaign Finance/Elections

The Hill: Obama can get dark money out of politics with a swipe of his pen
Latino Victory Project President (and Every Voice board member) Cristobal Alex has this op-ed urging President Obama to sign an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending: “When Congress failed to act on immigration, Obama did the right thing and issued executive orders that lifted families out of the shadows. We hope that he will show the same courage to act and use the power to level the playing field for voters and issue an executive order that discloses political contributions for government contractors.”

New York Times: I.R.S. Expected to Stand Aside as Nonprofits Increase Role in 2016 Race
“As presidential candidates find new ways to exploit secret donations from tax-exempt groups, hobbled regulators at the Internal Revenue Service appear certain to delay trying to curb widespread abuses at nonprofits until after the 2016 election.”

The Record: Christie: Don’t make judges seek reelection
Chris Christie on Ted Cruz’s suggestion that the Supreme Court face retention elections: “I don’t want to see judges raising money to run for reelection.”

Star-Telegram: Cruz is wrong on a solution to big money in U.S. politics
Every Voice President David Donnelly has this op-ed responding to Ted Cruz’s anti-lobbyist rhetoric: “Cruz will find that voters are receptive to this message about corruption. But unless he offers a concrete plan that improves, not worsens, the current system, he will sound like yet another politician who isn’t serious about change.”

Fosters: Hundreds will walk Saturday against big-money politics
Also on the 4th: “hundreds of New Hampshire citizens will take to the streets as part of the continuing NH Rebellion against big money in politics.” A pic of Jeb Bush with a Stamp Stampede activist.


Huffington Post: Pat Toomey’s PAC May Have Broken FEC Rules By Donating To A Super PAC Run By His Former Aides
So, Pat Toomey’s leadership PAC gave $50,000 to the super PAC created to help elect Pat Toomey. Campaign Legal Center’s Larry Noble: “Once the leadership PAC gives to the super PAC, I would argue that the expenditures by the super PAC are no longer independent.”

National Journal: This Critical New Hampshire TV Station Won’t Sell Its Ads to Marco Rubio—Yet
A few stations in Iowa and New Hampshire are holding out on letting candidates reserve ad time, probably because they know rates will go up if they hold out a bit longer.

CNN: Bernie Sanders’ campaign raises $15 million in his first quarter as candidate
“Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has raised about $15 million since it launched in late April, aides to the campaign told CNN on Thursday. The aides added that the 400,000 donations came from about 250,000 individual donors. The average donation was $33.51 and 99% of donations were under $250.” NPR.

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CNN: Cruz campaign announces fundraising haul
Ted Cruz’s campaign raised about $10M in the second quarter, and in announcing the haul, the campaign combined its numbers with the network of super PACs helping him: “The aggregate total of over $51 million means that, along with Cruz’s strong support from the conservative grassroots across the country, Cruz’s campaign will have the resources, the manpower, and the energy to compete vigorously in all early state contests, as well as nationally in the Super Tuesday states on March 1st.” Wall Street Journal, New York Times.

The Hill: Early fundraising totals could shape 2016 GOP field
“Republican candidates are looking to use the release of their quarterly fundraising numbers to show they’ve got what it takes to outlast the crowded field.”

Politico: Pro-Rand super PAC: It’s all about Iowa
“One of the two major super PACs supporting Sen. Rand Paul’s 2016 bid is putting all of its eggs in one rectangular-shaped basket: Iowa.

CBS News: Hollywood helped boost Hillary Clinton’s super PAC
“The list of donors to the Clinton super PAC includes a number of notable Hollywood names, including DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and producer/directors Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams.”

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Politico: Clinton puts tight grip on DNC wallet
“Hillary Clinton’s staff and the Democratic National Committee leadership have been struggling for months to finalize a joint fundraising agreement over a basic problem: The Brooklyn-based campaign doesn’t trust the national party structure with the money.”

Washington Post: In uphill 2016 bid, Jim Webb brings conservative bent to Democratic field
Jim Webb is officially running for president. “I understand the odds, particularly in today’s political climate where fair debate is so often drowned out by huge sums of money. Let’s clean out the manure-filled stables of a political system that has become characterized by greed.”

Politico: Walker aims to blaze Midwestern trail to White House
With Scott Walker set to announce his presidential bid last week: “Midwestern money is fueling Walker’s campaign groundwork. His backers include venture capitalist Ken Griffin, a Chicago billionaire who’s plowed in around $100,000, and the Ricketts family, the Chicago Cubs owners who’ve given more than $1 million.”

AP: Federal Election Commission fines PAC affiliated with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders
“The Federal Election Commission has fined a political action committee associated with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for missing financial reporting deadlines.”

The Week: Jeb Bush says he’s going to tackle special interests in Washington. Don’t believe him.
Paul Waldman on Jeb Bush’s comments that he’ll “tackle” special interests without offering any proposals on how he’ll do it: “How exactly will Bush tackle the culture of special interest access? Does he have some strict new rules in mind to lock the revolving door between government and business? Or will it be merely the power of his personal integrity that will keep those dastardly special interests from getting what they want?”

CNN: Secret spenders face challenge in 2016:
When your opponent isn’t a current elected official, 501c4 nonprofit groups that are basically electoral groups have to try harder: “If Clinton were a current official, Republican groups could argue that these ads were merely debating the issues, allowing them to maintain their tax-exempt status while nevertheless dedicating nearly their entire media budgets to ads that slice and dice the Democratic hopeful.”

Washington Post: Sanders draws more than 2,500 to Iowa stop — tops for this presidential cycle so far: William Pugh, a retired teacher from Omaha, says this of Bernie Sanders: “He’s the only truth-speaker out there. He calls the system for what it is. It’s broken, it’s corrupt, and it’s an oligarchy.”

Washington Post: Competing lobbying campaigns clash over Puerto Rico debt crisis
With Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, “[t]he two sides of the debate have enlisted high-powered lobbying and public affairs firms to make their case as the long-simmering issue of Puerto Rico’s deteriorating financial condition is now coming to a boil.”

Columbus Dispatch: Sen. Rob Portman campaign has $10 million for re-election bid
“Sen. Rob Portman raised more than $2.9 million during the second quarter of 2015, giving him more than $10 million on hand for a Senate bid that’s 16 months away.”

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